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Client List

There are companies that are not listed below but may feature KSL images on a project by project basis. If you feel you may have a conflict in your market before purchasing any images from this website or from KSL directly, please email kathyscottlicensing.com for additional detailed information for content and territory for your consideration.

Kathyscottlicensing.com provides photography and artwork to these customers for their calendars and other products on an annual basis for more than 13 years. Here are current satisfied publishers featuring many KSL images.


By Country Publishers Products
Slovakia Spektrum Grafik Retail and Premium Calendar Titles
Czech Republic Ligrus Gift Bags,  Postcards and Stationery                   
  Stil Trade s.r.o Back to School Products, Cards, Bags, Gift Wrap
Japan Todan LTD Retail and Premium Calendars
  Maruhiro Calendar Co. Retail and Premium Calendars
  Attic     Premium Calendars
Sweden Scandecor Marketing Calendars and Posters
Brazil Karsten and Terrisol Towels and Bedding
United Kingdom Original Poster Company Greeting Cards, Danilo Calendars
Germany Heye Verlag  GMBH Calendars
USA Leanin Tree Greeting Cards and Stationery
  Leap Year Publishing         Calendar Products, Cards, Puzzles, Stationery
  Hotline Products Advertising Specialty Calendars
  Elliott Co. Advertising Specialty Calendars
  Time Factory Calendars
  Ceaco Puzzles
  Persimmion Press                                                             Cards
  Private Label Express                               Spencer Gifts Calendars
  MBS                                                                          Direct Mail Postcards
  Kalan                                                    Bags, Cards,Gift Wrap
Canada PCA LTD Calendars
  Canadian Puzzle Company Puzzles



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